School Safety

  1. Always TAKE A FRIEND with you when walking, biking, or standing at the bus stop. Make sure you know your bus number and which bus to ride.
  2. Say NO if anyone you don’t know or a person who makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused offers a ride. Do NOT accept a ride from anyone unless you have been told it is OK to do so in each instance. 
  3. Quickly get away and yell, “THIS PERSON IS NOT MY MOTHER/FATHER/GUARDIAN” if anyone tries to take you somewhere or is following you. If anyone tries to grab you, make every effort to get away by kicking, screaming, and resisting.
  4. NEVER LEAVE SCHOOL GROUNDS before the regular school day ends. Always check with the office before leaving school early. 
  5. NEVER take shortcuts or walk through alleys to get to or from school faster. Talk with parents about which way to go to and from school. Remind parents if activities you participate in cause you to leave earlier or arrive home later than usual. Remember to call once you have arrived home.