Water System

Carlton’s drinking water supply is conveyed from Panther Creek Reservoir which is approximately 8 miles west of town. The water is treated at the City of Carlton’s Water Treatment Plant located on Panther Creek Road. The water is then gravity fed into two elevated water storage tanks. These tanks provide water pressure to over 5 miles of mains from 4" to 12" in diameter. 

Carlton Water Shed            

The city water tanks and treatment plant are all tied into a single computer monitoring system. This system monitors the water tank levels, flow rates and treatment output. Public Works staff maintains the entire water system including monitoring treatment processes, testing water purity and providing results to state agencies, monitoring tank levels, repairing water mains, repairing and testing water hydrants, and installing and reading water meters.


Consumer Confidence Report

Each year the City of Carlton provides the Water Quality Report to all of its customers. The report contains important information about Carlton's drinking water. Please click on the current report images below to view in larger font.

A paper copy can be requested by calling (503) 852-7575 or by emailing jnelson@ci.carlton.or.us.

Additional Information on Carlton's water: Oregon Health Department Drinking Water Data

Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Report - 2016

Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Report - 2015

Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Report - 2014

Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Report - 2013

Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Report - 2012

Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Report - 2011

Water Master Plan and Conservation Plan

Carlton Water Master Plan

Carlton Water Master Plan Appendices

Carlton Water Conservation Plan