Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary Sewer System

Carlton provides a sanitary sewer collection system consisting of over 5 miles of gravity feed collection mains from 6" to 15" in diameter. The City also employs 3 lift stations and force mains in the sanitary sewer system. City sewage is treated in a sanitary lagoon treatment facility locate approximately 1 mile west of the city limits. The facility can treat up to 450,000 gallons of sewage per day in its 2 primary stabilization ponds, and one secondary stabilization pond. After being treated water is released into the North Yamhill River.

Public Works staff maintains the entire sanitary sewer collection and treatment system including monitoring pond levels and testing effluent for state standards, as well as monitoring, cleaning and repairing the city's 3 sanitary lift stations. In addition, staff clean and maintain sanitary sewer collection mains by utilizing a jetting machine in the sewer lines and repairing breaks.

Wastewater Facilities Plan - May 2007