Last month the City held its second "Bi-Annual" Town Hall Meeting. Thanks to all that were able to attend. These twice annual meetings during the spring and fall are very important to the City's community engagement efforts. This meeting was especially important in that it highlighted the efforts of the citizen led strategic planning effort on City governance and Jeff Tryens provided a summary of the City's recently complete community-wide survey.

This first survey is important in that it establishes a baseline for the Mayor and City Council to gauge the satisfaction of City staff, services and programs. The survey results and comments are posted on the City website HERE and are accessible to all. Generally, the community is satisfied with City staff and services; however, there are areas we can improve on. This feedback is important to provide direction as we develop our budgets and direct our limited resources.

Thanks again to the community members that participated in the strategic planning committee. These citizen led initiatives are very important to Carlton's future.