Municipal Court

City Hall & mural

Municipal Court is scheduled one day a month at 4:30 p.m. See Calendar page for specific dates.

Carlton Municipal Ordinance Codes are now on line. To access the code click on the link below.
Carlton Municipal code index

Court FAQs

  • How do I handle infractions through the Violations Bureau?
  • How do I make payments?

How do I handle infractions through the Violations Bureau?

If you will be entering a plea of no contest, you can appear before the court clerk and either pay the fine in full, or sign a payment agreement. You may qualify for Traffic School; please see the court clerk in person to inquire about this option. If you would like to plead no contest and explain to the judge what happened, this can be done in writing. The letter must be accompanied by a check for the full fine amount on the citation and must arrive before your scheduled court date. If the judge reduces the fine amount after reviewing your letter and your driving record, a refund will be sent to you within four weeks.

You may enter a plea of Not Guilty in writing and have the case set for a trial.  Before this option, please call the office to receive more information.

If your ticket is for No Insurance or Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance, and you have proof that you were insured for the vehicle on the date of the ticket, bring your proof to the Court Clerk prior to your court date and that charge will be dismissed. Be sure the proof contains the effective dates of the insurance.

Please wait 5 days after you receive a citation before coming to City Hall to discuss payment with the court clerk.

How do I make payments?

Fines are due and payable when the fine is imposed. We accept cash, checks, money orders and debit/credit cards. Payments can be made in person at City Hall, by mail or in the after-hours drop box located next to the front door at City Hall. Please do not make cash payments through the mail or drop box. If you pay by mail, please list the exact name on your case and a docket number. Make checks and money orders payable to the City of Carlton. Mail payments to:
Carlton Municipal Court
191 E. Main St.
Carlton, OR  97111