Boards & Committees

The City of Carlton has numerous citizen advisory boards and commissions that serve and advise the Mayor and Council. These come in two forms: permanent standing committees and “ad hoc” or temporary committees.   Permanent Committees include the Planning Commission, Budget Committee and Tourism Committee. The Ad Hoc Committees are temporary and are normally assembled to consider specific issues and advise the City Council. Examples include the Strategic Plan Advisory Committee, Pool Project Advisory Committee, Parks Advisory Committee, Skate Park Committee and the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee.

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Planning Commission


The Planning Commission recommends to the City Council and other public authorities plans for regulating the future growth, development and beautification of the City in respect to its public and private buildings, streets, parks, grounds and vacant lots.  It also ensures plans are consistent with the future growth and development of the City in order to secure to the City and its inhabitants sanitation, proper service of public utilities and telecommunications utilities.

The Commission plans and regulates the development of land inside the City-limits. It recommends ordinances requiring that all land development undertaken in the City must comply with City ordinances and be in compliance with the terms of the development permit. The Planning Commission hears a wide range of applications including property partitions, lot line adjustments, new residential, commercial and industrial construction, subdivisions, zone changes, etc. These rules and regulations are composed in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Development Code, Zoning Ordinance and Public Works Design Standards. 

General Information:

The Planning Commission has seven members, two of which can be non-residents of the City. Commission members serve four (4) year terms.  The Planning Commission is a “standing” committee appointed by the Mayor and Council. These activities are authorized under Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 227 and Chapter 2.12 of the Carlton Municipal Code. It generally meets on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 PM at City Hall as needed. 

City Staff:

Carole Connell, City Planner

Aimee Amerson, Planning Clerk | 503-852-7575 |

Meet the Commissioners:

Bob Graham, Chair - 12/31/2019

Kevin Herwick, Vice-Chair - 12/31/2017

Dust Bailey - 12/31/2019

VACANT - 12/31/2017

Steven Lowry - 12/31/2018

Jessica Herzog - 12/31/2020

Linda Watkins - 12/31/2018

Carlton Urban Renewal Agency (CURA)


In June 2009, the Carlton City Council adopted Ordinance No. 682 approving the Carlton Urban Renewal Plan for an urban renewal area within the boundaries of the City of Carlton. Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 457 delineates the legislative authority under which urban renewal agencies are permitted to operate in Oregon.

Generally, the urban renewal plan identifies the goals, objectives and projects to eliminate blight and deteriorated conditions within the City of Carlton Urban Renewal Area through the use of tax increment financing. This method of financing allows the property taxes resulting from the growth in property value within the UR Area to be used for financing improvement projects within the area.

  1. Improve fire flows (replace water main)
  2. Streetscape and sidewalk improvements
  3. Underground utilities
  4. Downtown park improvements
  5. Administration

General Information:

The CURA is made up of the Mayor and six City Councilors, also known as the Board of Directors.

City Staff:

Chad Olsen, City Manager | 503-852-7575 |

Jennifer Nelson, City Recorder | 503-852-7575 |

Meet the CURA Board of Directors:

Link to the Mayor & City Council page -

Budget Committee


Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 294.414 delineates the requirements of municipal budget committees and that the committees shall be established in accordance with that section. It states:

“The budget committee shall consist of the members of the governing body and a number, equal to the number of members of the governing body, of electors of the municipal corporation appointed by the governing body; if there are electors fewer than the number required, the governing body and the electors who are willing to serve shall be the budget committee; and if there are no electors willing to serve, the governing body shall be the budget committee.”

By statute, the Budget Committee cannot be compensated nor may they be officers, agents or employees of the municipality. Committee members prepare an annual budget and are appointed for 3-year terms, staggered so that as near as practicable, one-third of the terms of the appointed members expire at the end of each year.

The essence of the Budget Committee is to serve as the citizen’s representatives in developing the annual budget. While the Committee cannot usurp the City Council’s authority in setting City programs, policies, services and resources, it does provide valuable oversight of the process. And as such, the Committee receives the City Manager’s proposed budget and recommends an “approved budget” to the City Council for adoption.

Also, beginning in 2015 the Budget Committee assumed a very important role monitoring Carlton’s performance measurement reports as part of its budget responsibilities. Primarily, this includes meeting to receive the City’s quarterly performance reports.

The Budget Committee also serves at the Carlton Urban Renewal Agency (CURA) Budget Committee.

General Information:

The Budget Committee consists of all seven members of the City Council and seven appointed citizen members from the community. The committee meets once or twice a month during budget season in the spring and once a quarter throughout the year.  Citizen members serve three (3) year terms.

City Staff:

Megan George, Assistant to the City Manager & Budget Officer | 503-852-7575 |

Chad Olsen, City Manager | 503-852-7575 |

Christy Martinez, Finance Director | 503-852-7575 |

Meet the Citizen Committee Members:

Dean Catherman, Chair - 12/31/2019

Andy Eldien - 12/31/2017

Sara Meyer - 12/31/2019

Randy Stapilus - 12/31/2019

Sandy Schultz - 12/31/2018

Lauri Lewis - 12/31/2017

Joe Moore - 12/31/2018

Visit Carlton Tourism Committee 


In 2012 the City Council adopted an ordinance to establish a Transient Room Tax (TRT) that applies to all temporary lodging. The purpose of the Tourism Committee is to see that expenditures from the TRT are used to promote tourism (per the definition of “tourist” in ORS 320.350) in the City of Carlton and attract individuals or groups through efforts directly related to marketing and enhancing Carlton. TRT proceeds must be utilized in such a manner as to contribute to the development and improvement of the local economy through the enhancement, expansion, support and promotion of tourism.

Tourism Committee Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Carlton Tourism Committee is to assist the Carlton City Council with the disbursal of Transient Room Tax funds for the express purpose of promoting tourism to Carlton. The Committee is authorized to propose tourism, advertising programs, evaluate regional tourism related partnerships and evaluate tourism funding related proposals brought by third parties such as business associations, individual business owners or Carlton residents.

General Information:

The Tourism Committee is comprised of 7 members representing the Carlton City Council and local business owners.  The Tourism Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 3:00 PM at City Hall and is open to the public.  Committee members serve three (3) year terms.

City Staff:

Chad Olsen, City Manager | 503-852-7575 |

Jennifer Nelson, City Recorder | 503-852-7575 |

Meet the Committee Members:

Brian Rake, Chair - 6/30/2018 (Owner, Carlton Coffee Company)

Kathy Rich, Vice-Chair - 6/30/2017 (Travel Writer)

Felix Madrid, Secretary - 6/30/2017 (Owner, Carlo & Julian Winery)

Kathie Oriet, Mayor - 12/31/2018

Shirley Ward-Mullen, Council Liaison - 12/31/2018

Roselyn Mostafa, Lodging Representative - 6/30/2018 (Owner, R.R. Thompson House Bed & Breakfast)

Julie Rabung, Carlton Business Association (CBA) Liaison - 6/30/2019 (Owner, Carlton ART Works)

Carrie Simonson, Ken Wright Cellars/The Lofts Designee - 6/30/2018 (Tasting Room Manager, KWC)

Skate Park Project Advisory Committee


The Skate Park Advisory Committee is a temporary citizen committee appointed by the Mayor and City Council to investigate and make recommendations concerning the development of a City Skate Park facility.

  1. Review the Parks Committee recommendation.
  2. Review proposed site characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Solicit a skate park consultant to assist with facility design and cost estimates.
  4. Recommended a skate park consultant selection to City Council.
  5. Complete preliminary design and magnitude of cost recommendations for City Council.
  6. Investigate Skate Park and site development funding alternatives.
  7. Prepare community awareness and promotion effort and advocate the project to the community.

The Committee has recently completed design and funding strategies for Council consideration. The Council accepted both the design and funding strategy in September and directed the committee to continue forward to fund and construct the first phase of the skate park. Special thanks to Ken and Karen Wright who have graciously agreed to donate a site to be used exclusively for the skate park. The location is on the old rail spur bordered by Highway 47, KW Cellars, Kutch Street and the old Roundhouse restaurant.

City Staff:

Chad Olsen, City Manager | 503-852-7575 |

Jennifer Nelson, City Recorder | 503-852-7575 |

Meet the Committee Members:

Scott Chitwood, Chair

Kathie Oriet, Vice-Chair

Eli Harris

Chance Kelley

Annette Madrid

Devin Chitwood

Jake Rehlinger

Danielle Findley

Anne Lane

Ryan Marshall

Emily Schmeidel

Water Conservation Advisory Committee


Protecting the City’s water resources is paramount to the City’s long-term well-being. As part of the 2014 Water Master Plan update, the City completed a Water Management and Conservation Plan (WMCP). The purpose of the WMCP is to guide development, financing and implementation of water management and conservation programs that ensure sustainable water use, as well as to consider the City’s future water needs. Managing this resource involves multiple strategies, and the Mayor and Council is requesting citizens interested in water conservation to volunteer for a temporary advisory committee to investigate conservation strategies and best practices for recommendations back to the Council.

City Staff:

Bryan Burnham, Public Works Director | 503-852-0068 |

Chad Olsen, City Manager | 503-852-7575 |

Meet the Committee Members:

Jeff Wall

Anthony King

Kerry Mohondro

Neyssa Hays

Related Material:

Purpose Statement

Carlton is Water Wise - Residential Water Tips

Street/Pedestrian/Stormwater Management Advisory Committee


Maintenance of City street, pedestrian and stormwater facilities has been a persistent problem in Carlton for decades. Existing resources from the state gas tax is deficient to manage and maintain Carlton’s existing system. While Carlton’s current development code and design standards require new construction to complete public improvements as part of their development, past practice did not and older subdivisions lack many transportation facilities or their construction was haphazard and/or constructed to deficient standards. This citizen advisory committee will investigate funding options for operating maintenance of City streets, stormwater and pedestrian facilities.

City Staff:

Chad Olsen, City Manager | 503-852-7575 |

Jennifer Nelson, City Recorder | 503-852-7575 |


Meet the Committee Members:

Patty Williams

Annette Madrid

Raymond (Paul) Junker

Erik Tollefson

City Hall Project Advisory Committee


The Carlton City Hall was originally constructed in the 1970s to house general City operations and the Police Department; however, the facility is currently undersized for existing operations including work stations, office space, storage, and meetings. A new City Hall and Police Department facility has the opportunity to showcase the vitality and unique spirit of the Carlton community as well as extend the downtown area east along Main Street. The intention is to build a facility that will serve the City of Carlton for the next 100 years.  The purpose of this committee is to participate with project design and funding of a new City Hall facility.

City Staff:

Kevin Martinez, Chief of Police | 503-852-7575 |

Megan George, Assistant to the City Manager | 503-852-7575 |

Meet the Committee Members:

Pat Swanick, Chair

Scott Carl, Council Liaison

Don Schmid

David Blanchard

Andy Eldien

Brian Rake

Tristan Shell Spurling

Lauri Lewis

Christine Andrus

Historic Preservation Advisory Committee


Protecting the City of Carlton’s historic resources is important to the community’s long-term sustainability and livability. Historic places are cultural, environmental and economic assets and need active stewardship or may be lost to future generations. Preserving historic structures is a common activity to revitalize Oregon Main Streets. Carlton desires to investigate the benefits that can be gained in the active protection of local historic resources. The purpose of the Carlton Historic Preservation Advisory Committee is to investigate a "Historic Preservation Initiative" for Carlton.

City Staff:

Chad Olsen, City Manager | 503-852-7575 |

Carole Connell, City Planner | 503-852-7575 |

Meet the Committee Members:

John Adkinson

Joni Anderson

Jane Davis

Marty Doerschlag

Mike Larson

Kathy Rich

Brian Richardson

Pat Swanick

Shannon Thorson

Lynn VanHorn

Janet Zuelke

Shirley Ward-Mullen, Council Liaison